Things to Know About Having a Mobile Home Transported

Things to Know About Having a Mobile Home Transported

Buying a mobile home can be a very sound investment. They aren’t overly expensive to purchase and give you all of the comforts of home that you and your family could need. It’s important to note that when you buy a mobile home, you may have to have it transported after you purchase it if it isn’t already located on the property where it is going to stay. The following guide walks you through a few things that you need to know about having your mobile home transported.

The Cost for the Transport May be Included in the Purchase Price of the Mobile Home

If you are buying the mobile home in new condition, the sales company may include the cost to transport the mobile home in their asking price. You need to be sure to specify if the transportation costs are included and ask what the restrictions are for the move. Many companies include the cost to move the home a specific number of miles. If the final destination is outside of the radius specified, you will have to pay for the additional costs out of your pocket. You want to be sure that you can afford these fees before actually making the purchase.

Used mobile homes that are sold by an individual typically do not include transportation costs. Some transportation companies will work with you to create a payment plan for the move. Though, they will require you to put down a deposit towards it. Some will require you to pay for the move in full before they even hook your home to their truck. It’s important to make sure to work out the logistics as soon as you can so you can have your home moved quickly.

Transportation Must be Done by a Professional Company

In order for a mobile home to be moved legally, it must be done by a professional transportation company that specializes in mobile home transportation. There are specific laws in place that limit the movement of large items, and the professional company will have all of the licenses and permits required to make a move legally. Professional companies also have the necessary insurance needed in case an accident happens. If anything is damaged by the home or damage is done to the home, the company will be responsible for paying for the repairs, not you.

Transportation Must be Preplanned

In order for a mobile home to be moved, a lot of planning has to take place. The company needs to determine the best route to take. Mobile homes often sit higher than most objects that are moved regularly and thus, choosing a route that doesn’t have low power lines is crucial. The company needs to get permission from the local authorities to make the move and orchestrate all of the necessary help to make the move go smoothly. Certain areas of roadway may need to be temporarily blocked off in order for the company to make tight turns or get the home down a narrow street.

The Final Destination Must Be Known Before the Move Takes Place

Before the home can be moved, the company has to know where it is going. You need to have already purchased the property or rented a location where the home is going to sit. When you buy a home in new condition, the company may provide you with a limited amount of time to find a property, but someone who is selling a used mobile home will want you to get it out of the way as quickly as possible.

Transportation Doesn’t Include the Set-Up of the Home

When you have a mobile home transported to a new location, it won’t be ready to use right away. You need to have it connected to electricity and water before it will be fully operational. These aspects have nothing to do with the transportation of the home. If you are buying a new home, ask the company if the set-up costs are included in the price or if you need to hire someone else to handle it for you. With a used home, you will have to take care of finding someone to handle the set up for you on your own.

Large Mobile Homes Are Often Transported in Pieces

When you purchase a large mobile home, it will often be separated into pieces for the move. This is because the home will be too large to move in one piece as it could create a hazardous situation for the transportation team, as well as others on the road. Once the home is delivered to its final home, it will be put together into one piece. Seeing a home being transported in pieces can be scary for someone who didn’t know that their home was going to be divided before the move.

Transportation Takes a Very Short Period of Time

Once everything is planned for the move, transportation takes a very short period of time. If the property where the home is being moved to is within a short distance from its starting point, it can be moved within a day typically. This means that you can have it set up and move into it quickly. This is far different than when you have to wait for a traditional home to be built, which is why mobile homes can sometimes be so appealing to people.

Moving a mobile home isn’t difficult for companies who have done it before. Be sure to talk to a representative at the transportation company yourself before your home is moved. It’s important to make sure that you handle any prep that you need to do at the property, such as clearing a path for the home to travel down. The property may need to be graded if it is rocky or hilly, as well. If you are unsure, you could have someone come to look at the property in person to let you know what things need to be done to prep for the delivery of your new home.

6 Ways Mobile Homes Are Safer Than Ever

6 Ways Mobile Homes Are Safer Than Ever

Buying any home is a huge investment to make, but many people overlook the option of a mobile home because they fear it isn’t as safe as a stick-built housing option. This isn’t the case, though. A lot of advancements have taken place over the years that make mobile homes one of the safest and affordable housing options on the market. The following guide walks you through a few ways that mobile homes have become safer than ever.

Ground Anchors Keep Mobile Home Secure

When a natural disaster hits, there are often stories on the news of mobile homes being destroyed. This can be due to being blown away in a tornado or being shaken to pieces during an earthquake. Manufacturers have made advancements to secure the roof of the homes to the walls, the walls to the flooring, and used ground anchors to secure the whole unit to the ground.

In order for the anchors to be installed, professionals come in and make a solid foundation for the home out of cinder blocks or concrete. The house is then placed on the foundation and secured with ground ties that keep it in place. The anchors secure the home to the foundation so that high winds and heavy shaking do not cause the home to blow away or collapse.

Many of the mobile homes that are featured on the news are older models that have not been secured with ground anchors or that are built years ago. For many years, the roof, walls, and floor were not all secured together properly, which made them more of a risk during storms. The newer models of today can stand up to the wear and tear of Mother Nature without the same outcome.

Mobile Homes Are Not as Flammable as They Once Were

Many people think that mobile homes are highly flammable and are fearful that their whole life can go up in smoke if they live in one. This isn’t the case, though. Mobile homes are now constructed from fire-resistant materials that allow them to hold up to fire the same way stick-built homes do. The insulation within the homes is fire resistant so that you don’t have to worry about the house going up in flames if a small fire breaks out in the home. The homes also have multiple entryways so that fire personal can get into the homes easily to put out a fire if one does breakout. This betters the chances of everything being able to be saved in the event of a fire.

There is Updated Wiring in Newer Mobile Homes

The wiring that was traditionally used in mobile homes was as inexpensive as manufacturers could get. The wiring was designed to merely provide electricity throughout the home without worry about the dangers that can come if the wires were to become damaged. Advancements have been made to ensure that the wiring in the homes is top-notch and easy to access if anything does happen along the way. Most electricians know how to work on the wiring in mobile homes that are manufactured today because the wiring is so similar to the wiring used in stick-built homes. Much of the wiring is insulated to keep it from being damaged by pests, as well.

Sturdy Windows and Doors Provides Additional Security

The windows and doors that were once added to mobile homes were rather flimsy. People could easily gain access to your home without your knowledge. The windows and doors with newer models of mobile homes are designed to be very durable and more energy-efficient. This means that people cannot easily gain access to your home and that you can lower the costs that you have to pay to heat and cool your home. Many of the exterior doors have deadbolts built into them so that you can have peace of mind by locking your doors with a deadbolt and the knob before leaving your house or going to bed.

Pitched Roofs Add Stability to the Home

Mobile homes are now available with pitched roofs for an additional fee. The pitched roofs not only add curb appeal to the home because they give the appearance of a stick-built home, but they also add stability. Traditional flat roofs allow snow and ice to collect during the winter months. The heavyweight of the snow and ice can cause the roof to collapse and destroy the home. A pitched roof creates a slope for the snow and ice to slide off as it starts to melt so that the heavyweight stays on the roof for a minimal amount of time. The pitched roofs are secured to the home with many different brackets, which also minimizes the chances of the roof blowing off during high winds.

HUD Code Updates Ensure Safety Standards

For many years the construction of mobile homes was not highly regulated. Manufactures built the homes without having anyone monitoring the way that they were built or their safety. HUD code updates have changed all of that. There are no stipulations that must be met and that are highly monitored during the planning, building and set up of mobile homes. This ensures that the homes are created to be as safe as they can be and that the manufacturer cannot make claims that aren’t true regarding the homes. This gives you peace of mind that you are getting what you pay for when buying the home.

Mobile homes are safer than they have ever been. Purchasing a mobile home will cost you a lot less than a stick-built home but still provide you a safe roof over your head that your family needs and deserves. If you are still questioning the safety of a mobile home, go to a mobile home dealer and discuss the safety changes that have been made to the homes. They should be able to show you the new brackets, updated windows and door, and even upgrades in wiring that has been made to make the homes safer for buyers.

Financial Options Available When Buying a Mobile Home

Financial Options Available When Buying a Mobile Home

Getting approval to buy a home can be difficult to do, especially if you have limited funding available or if you have damaged your credit history in the past. Many people who are looking to start off their life on the right foot or who are looking to start over again, often find that mobile homes are a great option to consider. A mobile home provides you with a great place to live without the high price tag that comes with traditional stick-built houses.

Save Money Over Time

Since mobile homes aren’t overly expensive, many people choose to save up their money over time and pay for them outright. It often takes just a few years to be able to afford to buy a mobile home without any financing through a private lender at all. If you want to pay for a home outright, it’s a good idea to do some research before you even start saving. You need to know exactly how much the home will cost, including transportation costs and the cost to purchase or rent a piece of property to put the home on. This allows you to know how much you truly need to save in order to reach your goal.

Borrow Money from Friends and Family

If you have a poor credit rating or have no credit history at all, it can sometimes be difficult to get a loan to buy a house. This is where friends and family can sometimes come into play. Your friends and family may allow you to borrow money to buy a mobile home since they aren’t overly expensive to buy.

You need to be sure that you establish how much you are going to buy from them and how much your payments will be to them each month before agreeing to borrow the money. You need to be diligent in paying the money back as money can create chaos in a relationship if it is not paid back the way that it was promised to be. It’s a good idea to put everything in writing so that the person you are borrowing money from knows that you are serious about paying the money back to them.

Rent to Own the Mobile Home

Many people who own mobile homes don’t want to have to go through the hassle of selling the home and having someone move it. They will often choose to rent out their homes in the location where it stands instead of selling it. If you find a home that is available for rent that you really like, talk to the homeowner about possibly renting to own the home. You will pay a fee each month, and a portion of the fee that you pay will go toward the purchase of the home.

It’s important to make sure that a contract is created by a lawyer that ensures that it is clearly stated how much of the payment you make each month goes toward the cost of purchasing the house. The agreement also needs to state the final cost of purchasing the home and if the property that the home sits on is included in the purchase. If the home is located in a mobile home community, you can choose to continue living in the same place or have the home moved once you finish paying for it.

Owner-Finance the Home

If you want to purchase a home and don’t want to worry about the hassle of renting it, look for a mobile home that is available with an owner financing option. When someone owns a mobile home that they no longer want, they often allow people to pay for it over time.

The owner may allow you to move into the home before you finish paying for it, but many times they require a large sum of the home to be paid for before allowing you to move into it. This is because they are taking such a risk to offer to finance on their own. They will charge an interest rate for the financing and expect you to pay a minimum payment each month toward the home. It will work the same way that it would if you got a mortgage from a traditional lender, only your credit history more than likely won’t come into play.

Traditional Home Loan

Traditional lenders are banks or mortgage brokers who specialize in the financing of homes. They will offer you the ability to pay for the mobile home over time but may require you to put down a down payment for the home. Traditional lenders do take your credit history into account and will often need to know how much money you make each month, what your other outstanding debts are, and take a few weeks or even months to approve your loan. They will charge interest on the loan, but many lenders will allow you to pay off your debt quickly in order to avoid some of the interest charges that come with the loan. It is often much easier to get approval for a traditional loan when buying a mobile home because their asking price for the homes is a fraction of what a stick-built house will be.

You will need to prove to a traditional lender that the home is in good condition and is habitable. They may send an inspector to the home to look it over before approving your home loan. This is to ensure that they aren’t putting their money at risk by lending money towards a home that you won’t actually be able to live in once you get the loan.

Once you get financing for the home, you can go through with the purchase of the property. A mobile home can be a great starter home because it often doesn’t put people into as much of a financial bind as stick-built homes do. They are also very easy to upkeep, and because of the small size it often doesn’t take as much money to furnish them as traditional homes do.

Tips for Choosing the Right Size Mobile Home for Your Family

Tips for Choosing the Right Size Mobile Home for Your Family

When you decide that a mobile home is the right housing option for you, it can be hard to know what size mobile home to buy. There are so many options that are on the market that there are a few factors that you have to take into consideration. The most common options for mobile homes are single, double, and even triple wide homes. The following guide walks you through the things that you need to consider to ensure that you invest in the right size mobile home for you.

Consider Where the Home Will be Located

The first thing you need to do is determine where the home will be located. Once you buy a mobile home, you need to have a piece of property to put it on. If you plan to move into a mobile home community, there may be a limitation on how large of a mobile home you can have. Determining where you plan to put the home before buying it ensures that you do not invest in one that is larger than you are allowed to have.

Consider How Many Bedrooms You Need

Mobile homes are often starter homes for many couples. They are inexpensive and provide the ability to relocate if needed. When buying a mobile home, you need to consider how many bedrooms you need a house to have. If you have children, you want to be sure that there is enough space for them to be able to live comfortably within the home. If you don’t have kids yet, but plan to have them in the near future, be sure to choose a home that is large enough for your growing family when you are buying it. Adding onto a mobile home isn’t as easy to do as adding onto a stick-built home would be.

Consider the Number of Bathrooms You Want the Home to Have

The number of bathrooms the mobile home will have will be dependent on its size. Single-wide mobile homes traditionally only have a single full-sized bathroom. Double wide will often have a single full-sized bathroom and a half bath or two full-sized bathrooms. A triple-wide could have as many as three bathrooms or two full-sized bathrooms and a half bath. If you have a large family, having a single bathroom may create a lot of chaos within the family because everyone may need to get ready at one time, and there won’t be enough space for that to happen.

Consider the Laundry Space within the Mobile Home

Many single-wide homes on the market have a laundry space added to the bathroom of the home or in the kitchen. This can make doing the laundry difficult because those are spaces that are commonly occupied within a home. You need to consider if you want a separate space dedicated to your laundry. If you do, you may need to invest in a double or triple wide home so that you can have a dedicated laundry room to do your laundry.

Consider the Kitchen You Want to Have

The kitchen in mobile homes can sometimes be quite small. If you have a small family or don’t cook often, a smaller kitchen may work out fine for you. If you have a larger family or enjoy cooking, a small kitchen may make you feel cramped or limit your ability to cook the way that you want to cook. Double and triple-wide homes often have much larger kitchens than single-wide home options. This allows you to have larger and more appliances than you would have in a single-wide home. For example, single-wide homes often do not have a dishwasher, but larger home options do.

Consider the Storage You Need Available to You

When you own a home, there are always items that you need to be able to store away to use at a later time. Single-wide mobile homes often have very limited storage space in them. Larger homes have more closet space, and some even have pitched roofs that create attic space for you to be able to store items overhead when they aren’t being used. You need to consider how many items you really need to store before buying any mobile home.

Consider the Common Space Your Family Needs

You want your family to be able to spend time together regularly to ensure that your family bond is as strong as it can be. If you live in a smaller home, it can feel cramped at times because the common area in the home will be limited. If you have a large family, choosing a double or triple-wide home may be a good option for you because the common areas in the home are often much larger than that of a single-wide home. This provides you with the ability to add multiple seating options in the house and ensure that no one feels cramped when they come to visit.

Consider the Cost You Can Afford to Pay

One of the most important things you need to consider when choosing the right size mobile home for your family is the cost that you can afford to pay for the house. The cost of a double or triple-wide is much higher than the cost of a single-wide mobile home. It’s best to get preapproval for a home before you even start house hunting to ensure that you know what your budget is. This allows you to narrow down your options and determine if the size of your home is worth more to you than the updated features that a smaller home may offer for the same cost.

Before choosing any home, it’s a good idea to take a tour of the model homes that the dealer has to offer. You will be able to physically walk through the homes so that you can accurately gauge if a home is going to be the right size for you and if you like the layout of the home before you buy it. This ensures that you are going to be as happy as possible with the investment that you make.

Tips for Turning a Mobile Home into a Forever Home

Tips for Turning a Mobile Home into a Forever Home

When you have a limited budget, it’s important to make the most of every dollar you make. Many people don’t realize that they can turn a mobile home into a forever home with just a little bit of work. The following guide walks you through a few things you can do to turn your mobile home into the home you love living in for the rest of your life.

Choose the Right Location

In order for the home to feel like a forever home, it’s important to have a prime location for it to be situated. Buying a piece of property to put the home on ensures your long-term security. You won’t have to worry that the mobile home community will one day shut down, or the person who owns a piece of property you are renting wants to suddenly sell it. Mobile homes require a very small amount of land so finding one at an affordable price shouldn’t be too difficult.

Have a Concrete Foundation Created

If you want your mobile home to be your forever home, you need to give it a solid foundation, literally. Having a concrete foundation for the home not only protects the bottom of the home from the elements and animals, but it also gives the home a finished look. Concrete foundations only go around the perimeter of the home, so they are often very affordable and can be created in a very short period of time. In order to have a concrete foundation created you do need to own the property that the home is going to be located on because it does create a permanent fixture on the property.

Add a Deck and Entryway to the Mobile Home

In order to be able to relax and entertain comfortably, you need to have exterior spaces to enjoy. Having an entryway created will make getting in and out of the home easier. Having a deck added to the home provides you with great exterior entertaining space and can actually add a lot of value to the home. The deck doesn’t have to be overly extravagant in order to be great.

Upgrade to Engineered Wood Siding

Vinyl siding is the traditional siding used on the exterior of mobile homes. While the siding looks great, it can show signs of wear and tear over time and upkeep can be a bit of a hassle at times. Upgrading to engineered wood siding gives the home the look of a stick-built house without the high cost. The siding is designed to look like wood siding, but it doesn’t require the same upkeep that wood siding requires. It will have a grained appearance and is available in a variety of colors so that you can customize the look of your home for an affordable cost.

Sheetrock the Walls in the Home

The vinyl on gypsum walls in a mobile home exposes the fact that it is a mobile home. The walls have a unique look to them and are often thinner than traditional walls. If you want to give the home a more finished look, you can have sheetrock walls added to the house. You can then paint the walls and hang items differently than you can on the traditional VOG walls that come in mobile homes. This allows you to create a relaxing oasis you can look forward to coming home to each day. The sheetrocked walls can also help with insulation in the home to lower your heating and cooling costs at the same time.

Get Energy-Efficient Appliances

If you know that you are going to stay in the house for years to come, you need to invest in affordable appliances. Many of the appliances that come standard with mobile homes aren’t very energy efficient. This is because energy-efficient appliances are more costly. When you have money available to invest, consider upgrading to energy-efficient appliances. Start with the water heater. When you have an energy-efficient water heater, you’ll be able to start seeing a difference in your electric bills almost right away.

Add Landscaping Around the House

Many people who own mobile homes know that there is a chance that they will have to move home in the future, so they ignore the landscaping around their house. If you know that this is your forever home and you are going to stay in the same location for many years, why not add great landscaping around the house? Adding flower beds, shrubs and even trees to the yard can create the look of a stick-built home. Be sure that anything you plant near the home won’t have large, cascading roots in the years to come to ensure that the roots don’t grow under the house and damage the foundation.

Pay Off Your Loan as Quickly as Possible

One of the best ways you can make your home feel like a forever home is actually to own it. Take the time to pay off the loan for the home as quickly as you can. Many people are living a very lean lifestyle for a few months so that they can dedicate as much of their income as possible to paying off their home loans. Once the loan is paid off you will have peace of mind that you own something valuable. The equity in the home is something that you can always fall back on if times get tough financially. Owning the home will also give you a sense of pride and accomplishment in the long run.

Turning your mobile home into your forever home isn’t hard to do. You need to do more than hang a few pictures on the wall though. It won’t happen overnight though. Take the time to create a plan of action when it comes to creating a forever home. You want to be sure your home is a space you love and want to come home to each and every day. Taking baby steps towards transforming it ensures that you don’t get overwhelmed or sink deeper and deeper into debt.

A Mobile Home Might be a Great Option for Your Starter Home

A Mobile Home Might be a Great Option for Your Starter Home

When you get married, the next step is to buy your first house. When you start searching for a starter home, you quickly realize how expensive they can be. Mobile homes may be an option to take into consideration if you want to create a warm, welcoming environment you can look forward to coming to each and every day. Learn more about why a mobile home makes such a great starter home in the guide that follows.

Don’t Have to Worry About the Homes Condition

When you purchase a stick-built home as a starter home, you more than likely have to buy it in used condition, if you are on a budget. This means that there could be a lot of things that need to be repaired in the near future. When you purchase a mobile home, you can get one in brand new condition for a much smaller investment. The home will be in great condition from the start so that you don’t have to worry about paying for costly repairs right away.

Mobile Homes Are Affordable Price

The asking price for a mobile home will be much smaller than just about any traditional home you can find on the market. There are even some mobile homes that are available in used condition to cut down on your buying price even more. If you spend less on the initial purchase of the home, you can build a nest egg to fall back on if things get tough financially in the future with the extra money you have every month.

Mobile Homes Are Easy to Finance

Since mobile homes cost less to purchase, most lenders are more willing to finance them. You do not have to worry about having a huge down payment for the home you want to buy. Since there isn’t a huge down payment, you only have to save for a short period of time or may even be able to finance that too. This makes it much easier to get the starter house you need and want.

Affordably Power Your Home

The small size of mobile homes makes them inexpensive to power. They are all on one level, and you can choose upgrades that make them more insulated to trap in heat and cool air to keep costs down. You will pay a fraction of the electricity costs that you would pay if you have a traditional home when you own a mobile home.

Mobile Homes Are Inexpensive to Repair

The cost to make repairs on a stick-built house can be huge. The pipes are often difficult to get to, and when something goes wrong with the electrical components of the home, they can be difficult to find. In a mobile home, all of the elements that make it possible to function in the home are easy to access and often very affordable to have repaired or replaced if needed.

Save Time When Cleaning Needs to be Done

When you’re first starting, you won’t want to spend all of your free time cleaning your house. A mobile home will take very little time to clean because it is so compact in size, and there is so much open space inside of it. This allows you to have a neat and orderly home without having to dedicate hours out of your week to maintain it.

Available in a Variety of Sizes

Many people think that when they buy a mobile home, they are restricted to a single bedroom home, but that isn’t the option. Mobile homes are available in various sizes so that you can have as much or as little space as you want. There are single-wide, double-wide, and even triple-wide mobile homes available so that you can have four or even five bedrooms within your home if you need them.

Mobile Homes Are Easy to Upgrade

Once you become established and have more of a disposable income available, you can easily upgrade a mobile home. The floors can be replaced with hardwood flooring, the appliances can be upgraded, and you can even replace the siding to a more energy-efficient option without having to spend a ton of money out of pocket. This means that as your family’s needs change, your home can change too.

Can be Moved When Needed

If you have to relocate for your job, you need to be able to have somewhere to live. Many mobile homes are completely transportable so that you can move them from one place to another if needed. This allows you to be flexible with your lifestyle so that you can always live wherever you want to live. You will have to pay transportation fees to have the home moved, but they will cost far less than it would buy a new home in a different location.

Mobile Homes Are Easy to Sell

If you decide that you want to upgrade to a larger mobile home or simply want to purchase a stick-built house in the future, your mobile home will be easy to sell. Mobile homes are designed to last for quite a long time and still home much of their value. Many dealers will allow you to trade your home in for a newer model if you decide to upgrade to a newer model in the future. If you want to sell the home, you can sell it yourself online or through a real estate agent as soon as your home loan is paid in full.

It’s important to remember that you don’t want to start your life off deep in the throes of debt. Many people make the mistake of investing in a home that is beyond their budget and struggle for many years to try to stay afloat. Starting with a home that is within your budget or even under your budget can serve as a great way to get your financial footing to create the most stable life for you and your family as possible. A mobile home can be a great starter home for anyone who wants to own a home but doesn’t want to have to pay it off for twenty or thirty years down the road.

Are Upgrades Worth Investing in When Buying a Mobile Home?

Are Upgrades Worth Investing in When Buying a Mobile Home?

People often choose to purchase mobile homes because they are so affordable and can be placed just about anywhere they choose. When shopping for a mobile home, there are so many options available to you when it comes to upgrades. Some of the upgrades are worth investing in at the time of purchase, and some can wait for later. The following guide walks you through a few of the most common upgrades that are available for mobile homes and advice as to if they are worth investing in or not.

Insulated Skirting Around the Exterior of the Mobile Home

If you don’t plan to put your mobile home on a concrete foundation, the bottom of the home will be exposed to the elements. This can lead to pipes freezing during the cold winter months and animals being able to burrow into the house from the outside. An insulated skirting can be a great upgrade to invest in because it not only provides your home from protection from most animals but also insulates the underneath of the house to decrease the chances of your pipes freezing.

Upgraded Flooring Isn’t a Great Investment to Make at First

Many mobile homes come with laminate flooring or carpeting throughout them to keep the cost to a minimum. The dealer will give you the option to upgrade the flooring to tile, granite, or even hardwood flooring to give the home a more refined look. While the upgraded flooring may look great, it can add thousands to your final cost of the home unnecessarily. Flooring can be changed out at a later date to keep your costs low when you are first buying the home.

Invest in Energy Efficient Windows and Doors Throughout the House

Mobile homes are often known for not being as energy efficient as stick-built homes are. Having low-quality windows and doors on the exterior of the house can allow heat and cool air to escape from the home during the cold winter or hot summer months. Upgrading to energy-efficient windows and doors makes it easier for your home to maintain a constant temperature. This minimizes the heating and cooling costs you’ll ultimately have to pay.

Sheetrocked Walls Aren’t a Necessity

VOG walls, also known as Vinyl on Gypsum, are standard in most mobile homes. They are smooth, thin walls that create privacy, but aren’t soundproof. Some people choose to upgrade the walls in their homes to sheetrock because they feel that it creates a more finished look and makes painting the walls easier. Sheetrocking the walls will cost you thousands of dollars and ultimately won’t change the way that you can use the house.

Upgraded Lighting Isn’t as Important

Many dealers have multiple lighting options that you can add to the home. There are chandeliers, recessed lighting, and even globe lighting that can be added to make the home look higher end and provide more light within the rooms. The cost to have the lighting upgraded isn’t worth spending because you can simply add lamps throughout the home to boost the amount of light that’s in a room. You can have recessed lighting, chandeliers or any other lighting you want to be added to the house later on down the road when you can afford it.

The Cost of a Jet Tub Will Make Your Soak Less Relaxing

Many people want to unwind after a long day at work, and taking a soak in a comfortable tub can be a great way to do it. Dealers often have upgraded tubs that have jets in them available for you to add to your home. The tubs are often larger than traditional tubs so that you can fit in them comfortably. The only problem with these larger, jetted tubs is that the water heaters in the mobile homes aren’t large enough to provide enough hot water to fill the tubs.

You’ll be investing in something that you might not even be able to use. It’s best to wait to install a jetted tub until you know you can afford the large water heater and the high electricity costs that will come with using it.

Granite Countertops Aren’t a Sound Investment to Make

Having granite countertops in your kitchen will create a very elegant look. The granite can cost you triple or even quadruple what you would pay for the traditional laminate countertops that come in most mobile homes, though. The countertops work exactly the same way, and there are so many color options available when it comes to laminate countertops that you can still create the look you want without having to pay the high cost that comes with granite countertops.

High-End Appliances Cost More than They're Worth

Refrigerators, ovens, and even dishwashers are all designed to serve a specific purpose. There are many options available, and some will cost significantly more than others. Upgrading to stainless steel appliances will boost the amount you have to pay for your home significantly. Choose the basic appliance package and upgrade your appliances later when you have more disposable income to spend. You can often find high-end appliances on clearance or even at a scratch and dent store to get the most bang for your buck.

Solar Panels Cost More than They Save at First

Solar panels can sound very appealing to many people. They can help you to be more environmentally friendly and decrease your overall electrical costs each month. When you are first buying your home, the cost to have solar panels added to your mobile home will be quite high. If you consider how much the purchase and installation price is for the upgrades, you’ll quickly realize it’s an investment to consider at a later time.

Some upgrades are totally worth the investment when purchasing a mobile home, and some are not. You need to think long and hard about what you really need in a home and what you want in your home. It’s important to budget and agrees to purchase the home for an amount that you can afford to pay off as quickly as possible. You can then use the money you were spending on the loan to make any upgrades you choose once you are established and no longer paying for the house.

8 Features to Consider for Your Mobile Home

8 Features to Consider for Your Mobile Home

A mobile home can be a great investment to make when you are first starting out as an adult. They are very affordable and can be customized to suit your needs. Many people make the mistake of assuming that the show homes they see on the dealer’s lots are the only options available to them. This isn’t the case, though. There are many different features that you can have added to your home to make it fit your style or work well for your family. The following guide provides insight about some features you may want to add to your mobile home before making a final purchase.

Upgrade the Insulation in the Home

Most mobile homes have thin exterior and interior walls. Thin walls allow air to escape, which can make it difficult to maintain a constant temperature within the house. This can create electrical costs that are higher than they need to be. You can upgrade the insulation within the home to make sure that it is more energy-efficient. Insulation can be added to the exterior walls, the interior walls, beneath the roofing on the home, and even under the flooring to ensure that insulation is as great as it can be.

A Pitched Roof Can Increase Resale Value

If you know that you want to sell the house in the future and that it isn’t your forever home, you need to choose upgrades that are going to make it easier to sell later on down the road. A pitched roof is an affordable change you can make to the home that adds more curb appeal to it. Many mobile homes have flat roofs that can make the house look unfinished. A pitched roof makes the home look more like a stick-built home and can provide additional storage space, at the same time.

Hardwood Floors Add Character to the Home

You can have the flooring in the home upgraded to hardwood floors. Most homes come with carpeting in them because it is the cheapest flooring option available. The carpeting will become dirty over time and having to place it when you are ready to sell the house could be a hassle. Hardwood flooring can stand up to a lot of wear and tear and is very easy to clean so that you can rest assured it will look great for years to come

Add Sheetrock to the Walls

The vinyl on gypsum walls that are in most mobile homes can look a bit unsightly. They often have a textured feel to them, as well. Many mobile home purchasers choose to upgrade the walls in the home to sheetrock. The sheetrock creates a finished look and can diminish the noise that travels throughout the house. Sheetrocked walls can also easily be painted so that you can customize the house any way you choose in the future.

Upgraded Cabinetry Makes a Home Far More Valuable

The kitchen is the place where most people congregate in a home. Having a great kitchen can make your home feel warm and inviting while also creating a great place to create amazing meals for your family to enjoy. The cabinetry that comes with mobile homes traditionally is often very thin and lightweight. It doesn’t have much carpentry details added to it to give it character. Upgrading the cabinetry to higher-end options allows you to create a very sophisticated look in the kitchen. You can choose the layout for the cabinetry, the style you want to use, and even the color of the cabinets so that you can create your dream kitchen from the start. A finished kitchen with ornate cabinetry will make a home more valuable when you want to sell it, too.

Insulated Skirting Could Save You from Costly Repairs

Mobile homes typically do not have a lot of insulation beneath them. An insulated skirt can be a great investment to make because it not only keeps critters from taking up residency under the home but also keeps the space warmer during the cold winter. This helps to keep pipes from accidentally freezing when the temperature drops, while also creating a finished look to the home because it appears as though it is on a foundation. The skirting will add curb appeal to the home, which also boosts the ease of selling the house when you’re ready to sell it.

Engineered Wood Siding Looks Great and Helps with Insulation

Vinyl siding is often found on the exterior of mobile homes. It can deteriorate over time and leave you with an eyesore when people come to buy your home. Engineered wood siding is a great upgrade to consider for your mobile home because it has the look of wood siding without the high cost or difficult upkeep. The exterior of your home will be protected from the elements, look great, and stand the test of time with the engineered wood siding on it. The siding is available in a variety of colors so that you can create the exact look you want. You don’t have to worry about painting the siding later because it is designed to keep its color and just need to be pressured washed from time to time to knock any dirt or dust-free.

Being able to purchase a house that you know will still have a lot of value in a few years isn’t always easy to do. A mobile home that has a few of the upgraded options in it will be easier to sell and stand up to the wear and tear that you put it through for the years you live in it.

Most of the upgrades are very affordable, and some mobile home dealers even provide a discount if you choose more than one upgrade to make to the house. Once the house is built, it can be delivered to your property, and it will be ready for you to move in within a very short period of time. When you are ready to sell it, you’ll be able to walk away knowing that you were able to live comfortably and still get back some of the money you invested in the house with ease.

New or Used? Which Type of Mobile Home is Right for You?

New or Used? Which Type of Mobile Home is Right for You?

If you want to own your home, but don’t need anything too large, a mobile home may be a great option to consider. Mobile homes are often far less expensive than traditional homes and can be transported if you decide to relocate in the future. It can be difficult to decide if you should purchase a used mobile home or a new one, though. The following guide walks you through a few of the benefits that come with buying each so that you can decide which option is right for you.

Rest Assured Everything is in Great Condition When Buying a New Mobile Home

When you buy a new home, you don’t have to worry about anything needing to be repaired in it. It will arrive in the best condition that it will ever be in. When you purchase a used mobile home, there may be issues that need to be addressed before you can live comfortably in the home.

Get a Warranty When Buying a New Home

A new mobile home will come with some sort of warranty that if certain things go wrong within the home within a specific amount of time, the company will have them repaired for you. This could save you a lot of money in the long run as home repairs can be quite costly. It’s important to make sure that you understand the stipulations of the warranty before buying the home so that you can know what you are responsible for and what the warranty actually covers.

New Homes Have Newer Technology

When you purchase a new home, you can rest assured that it has up-to-date appliances and equipment in it. Most mobile homes now come with energy-efficient appliances, water heaters and heating and cooling systems. Having energy-efficient options saves you money on your monthly energy costs. Having new appliances and equipment also makes it less likely that anything will go on the fritz in the near future which decreases your home upkeep costs.

Transportation Costs Are Often Included with the Purchase of a New Mobile Home

Mobile home dealers often work with transportation companies on a regular basis. They work out a deal with the company to minimize the overall cost that the dealers have to pay for the transportation of the homes that they sell. This allows them to include transportation costs in the asking price of the home, which can make the house more appealing to buyers. Not having to worry about how the home is going to be moved makes the whole process much easier. With the purchase of a used mobile home from a private seller, you have to figure out all of the transportation details on your own.

New Homes Can be Customized to Suit Your Needs

There are many times when you purchase a new mobile home before it is even built. You get to walk through a model of what the home will look like when it is finished but have the ability to customize it any way you see fit before it is finished being built. This allows you to create the home of your dreams from the start. If you purchase a used home, you may have to remodel it to make it feel like home to you. This could be quite costly and time-consuming in the end.

Used Mobile Homes Cost Far Less Than Newer Ones

If you are on a limited budget or simply want to minimize the amount of money you spend on your home, a used mobile home may be a great option for you. They are often in great condition and will last you for years without the hefty price tag that comes with newer models. In order to ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck, price compare other similar mobile homes that are for sale and have the home inspected by a professional. This allows you to have peace of mind that there are no major repairs, you’ll have to pay to have done in the near future.

Buying a Used Mobile Home Can Sometimes Negate All Moving Costs

It’s very common for used mobile homes to be situated on a property where they can stay. You may have to pay a monthly fee to keep the home on location, but it will save you a lot of money because you won’t have to pay to move it. Take the time to find out if there are any rules or regulations for the property where the home is located. You want to be sure that you can abide by those guidelines before buying the home because if it doesn’t work out, you’ll have to pay to have it moved or sell it to someone else.

Used Mobile Homes Are Often Affordable to Repair

Since used mobile homes are often a year or more old, finding the necessary parts to make repairs is often easier than it is for newer models. Repairing a used mobile home is often far more affordable than a newer model because repair companies already have experience working on them and can gain access to the necessary parts with ease.

Financing for a Used Home Can Sometimes be Easier

When you need to finance the purchase of your mobile home, it can sometimes be easier to get financing for a used model. This is because the cost is often far less and because the home often doesn’t have to be moved. Since the home doesn’t cost as much, your monthly payments will be lower, too.

It’s important to keep an open mind when it comes to buying a mobile home. There are homes available in every price range imaginable, so it’s best to sit down and determine how much you can really afford to spend on your new home. Talk to a mobile home dealer in your area and find out what options are available to you. Mobile home dealers sell not only new mobile homes but often have quite a few used options available for purchase too.

Reasons Why a Mobile Home is Great for Minimalists

Reasons Why a Mobile Home is Great for Minimalists

Many people become tired of having so many things to keep up with regularly. Minimalism is becoming increasingly popular across the world because people realize that they are more interested in having amazing experiences rather than a collection of things.

If you want to be able to pair down your belongings, moving into a smaller home may be a great option to consider. Mobile homes are available in a variety of sizes and styles to provide any minimalist with a chic place to live. The following guide walks you through a few of the many reasons why a mobile home is so great for the minimalist lifestyle.

Less Décor Required to Create a Stunning Look

When you live as a minimalist, the last thing you want is a lot of clutter in your home. In a mobile home, there is far less space to have to decorate than a traditional home. This means that you can create the chic look you want without having to spend a lot of money. Many minimalists tend to invest in décor that can serve multiple purposes so that they need fewer items in the house overall.

Less Area to Keep Clean

If you work a full-time job, you more than likely do not have a ton of free time readily available to you. The little bit of free time you do get shouldn’t be spent cleaning your home. A mobile home is much smaller than a traditional home and thus takes far less time to clean. Many people like the fact that many mobile homes have surfaces that are very easy to clean such as the walls. The walls in mobile homes are often made from VOG, vinyl over gypsum. It is a very smooth surface that’s simple to clean when needed.

Fewer Items to Maintain and Upkeep in the Home

Since a mobile home is so much smaller than a traditional home, it takes much less effort to upkeep. With less square footage, there is less piping and less electrical components throughout the house. If something does go wrong, it will be easier to find out what the issue is. You can gain access to much of the plumbing in the house by going underneath it if it’s not on a concrete foundation. This can make maintenance much easier.

Less Cost for a Home

When you buy a mobile home, you have the option to buy a new or used home. The great thing about mobile homes is that they cost far less than a traditional home. They can also be moved from one place to another if they aren’t on a solid foundation. This allows you to buy a home at a very affordable price and have it moved to any property you choose. You can purchase your piece of land or have it moved to a mobile home community.

Mobile home communities do charge a monthly fee to keep the house within the community, so be sure to take that into consideration before choosing a community to call home. If you want to save even more money on the overall purchase of the home, consider purchasing it in used condition. Used mobile homes will cost far less than new homes and are often available in great condition so that they will last for years to come. It can be a great way to get the most bang for your buck when buying a home.

Less Storage Space to Minimize Belongings

If you are starting in your journey to being a minimalist, it may be difficult to stay on track when it comes to accumulating items. If you live in a mobile home, it will be easier to stick with your path because there aren’t ample storage spaces available. Once your storage spaces are full, you won’t be able to keep buying things because you won’t have anywhere to store them.

Less Exterior to Maintain

Maintaining the exterior of your home is essential to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. The roof on a mobile home needs to be maintained, but it costs far less to make repairs on the smaller roof than it would a larger home. You also need to have the exterior of just about any home power washed from time to time. This minimizes the likelihood of damaging mildew from growing on the sides of the home. Power washing companies charge far less to power wash a mobile home than a traditional home.

Less Cost for Appliances

When you have less square footage available to you, it creates the ideal atmosphere to invest in smaller, less expensive appliances. There are washer and dryer combos that have both appliances built into one. They also have smaller dishwashers and microwaves available that can fit into a smaller home with ease. They are much less to purchase initially, which allows you to spend money elsewhere.

Less Stress Overall

Knowing that you don’t have a huge home to clean or a ton of money that you have to spend to own property can save you a lot of stress in the long run. Being able to minimize your stress is just as important as minimizing the number of items that you own. You want to be able to have overall peace, and starting with getting rid of things that make you feel overwhelmed is important.

It’s important to find out if transportation costs are included with the amount you are paying to purchase the mobile home. If you are buying the home in new condition, there is a good chance that transportation is included. You will only be able to have the home transported a certain number of miles without having to pay extra for transportation. If you are purchasing a used home, you will more than likely have to pay for the transportation on your own. It will still save you money overall in comparison to what you will pay for a traditional home.