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Things to Know About Having a Mobile Home Transported

Things to Know About Having a Mobile Home Transported
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Buying a mobile home can be a very sound investment. They aren’t overly expensive to purchase and give you all of the comforts of home that you and your family could need. It’s important to note that when you buy a mobile home, you may have to have it transported after you purchase it if it isn’t already located on the property where it is going to stay. The following guide walks you through a few things that you need to know about having your mobile home transported.

The Cost for the Transport May be Included in the Purchase Price of the Mobile Home

If you are buying the mobile home in new condition, the sales company may include the cost to transport the mobile home in their asking price. You need to be sure to specify if the transportation costs are included and ask what the restrictions are for the move. Many companies include the cost to move the home a specific number of miles. If the final destination is outside of the radius specified, you will have to pay for the additional costs out of your pocket. You want to be sure that you can afford these fees before actually making the purchase.

Used mobile homes that are sold by an individual typically do not include transportation costs. Some transportation companies will work with you to create a payment plan for the move. Though, they will require you to put down a deposit towards it. Some will require you to pay for the move in full before they even hook your home to their truck. It’s important to make sure to work out the logistics as soon as you can so you can have your home moved quickly.

Transportation Must be Done by a Professional Company

In order for a mobile home to be moved legally, it must be done by a professional transportation company that specializes in mobile home transportation. There are specific laws in place that limit the movement of large items, and the professional company will have all of the licenses and permits required to make a move legally. Professional companies also have the necessary insurance needed in case an accident happens. If anything is damaged by the home or damage is done to the home, the company will be responsible for paying for the repairs, not you.

Transportation Must be Preplanned

In order for a mobile home to be moved, a lot of planning has to take place. The company needs to determine the best route to take. Mobile homes often sit higher than most objects that are moved regularly and thus, choosing a route that doesn’t have low power lines is crucial. The company needs to get permission from the local authorities to make the move and orchestrate all of the necessary help to make the move go smoothly. Certain areas of roadway may need to be temporarily blocked off in order for the company to make tight turns or get the home down a narrow street.

The Final Destination Must Be Known Before the Move Takes Place

Before the home can be moved, the company has to know where it is going. You need to have already purchased the property or rented a location where the home is going to sit. When you buy a home in new condition, the company may provide you with a limited amount of time to find a property, but someone who is selling a used mobile home will want you to get it out of the way as quickly as possible.

Transportation Doesn’t Include the Set-Up of the Home

When you have a mobile home transported to a new location, it won’t be ready to use right away. You need to have it connected to electricity and water before it will be fully operational. These aspects have nothing to do with the transportation of the home. If you are buying a new home, ask the company if the set-up costs are included in the price or if you need to hire someone else to handle it for you. With a used home, you will have to take care of finding someone to handle the set up for you on your own.

Large Mobile Homes Are Often Transported in Pieces

When you purchase a large mobile home, it will often be separated into pieces for the move. This is because the home will be too large to move in one piece as it could create a hazardous situation for the transportation team, as well as others on the road. Once the home is delivered to its final home, it will be put together into one piece. Seeing a home being transported in pieces can be scary for someone who didn’t know that their home was going to be divided before the move.

Transportation Takes a Very Short Period of Time

Once everything is planned for the move, transportation takes a very short period of time. If the property where the home is being moved to is within a short distance from its starting point, it can be moved within a day typically. This means that you can have it set up and move into it quickly. This is far different than when you have to wait for a traditional home to be built, which is why mobile homes can sometimes be so appealing to people.

Moving a mobile home isn’t difficult for companies who have done it before. Be sure to talk to a representative at the transportation company yourself before your home is moved. It’s important to make sure that you handle any prep that you need to do at the property, such as clearing a path for the home to travel down. The property may need to be graded if it is rocky or hilly, as well. If you are unsure, you could have someone come to look at the property in person to let you know what things need to be done to prep for the delivery of your new home.

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