A Mobile Home Might be a Great Option for Your Starter Home

A Mobile Home Might be a Great Option for Your Starter Home

When you get married, the next step is to buy your first house. When you start searching for a starter home, you quickly realize how expensive they can be. Mobile homes may be an option to take into consideration if you want to create a warm, welcoming environment you can look forward to coming to each and every day. Learn more about why a mobile home makes such a great starter home in the guide that follows.

Don’t Have to Worry About the Homes Condition

When you purchase a stick-built home as a starter home, you more than likely have to buy it in used condition, if you are on a budget. This means that there could be a lot of things that need to be repaired in the near future. When you purchase a mobile home, you can get one in brand new condition for a much smaller investment. The home will be in great condition from the start so that you don’t have to worry about paying for costly repairs right away.

Mobile Homes Are Affordable Price

The asking price for a mobile home will be much smaller than just about any traditional home you can find on the market. There are even some mobile homes that are available in used condition to cut down on your buying price even more. If you spend less on the initial purchase of the home, you can build a nest egg to fall back on if things get tough financially in the future with the extra money you have every month.

Mobile Homes Are Easy to Finance

Since mobile homes cost less to purchase, most lenders are more willing to finance them. You do not have to worry about having a huge down payment for the home you want to buy. Since there isn’t a huge down payment, you only have to save for a short period of time or may even be able to finance that too. This makes it much easier to get the starter house you need and want.

Affordably Power Your Home

The small size of mobile homes makes them inexpensive to power. They are all on one level, and you can choose upgrades that make them more insulated to trap in heat and cool air to keep costs down. You will pay a fraction of the electricity costs that you would pay if you have a traditional home when you own a mobile home.

Mobile Homes Are Inexpensive to Repair

The cost to make repairs on a stick-built house can be huge. The pipes are often difficult to get to, and when something goes wrong with the electrical components of the home, they can be difficult to find. In a mobile home, all of the elements that make it possible to function in the home are easy to access and often very affordable to have repaired or replaced if needed.

Save Time When Cleaning Needs to be Done

When you’re first starting, you won’t want to spend all of your free time cleaning your house. A mobile home will take very little time to clean because it is so compact in size, and there is so much open space inside of it. This allows you to have a neat and orderly home without having to dedicate hours out of your week to maintain it.

Available in a Variety of Sizes

Many people think that when they buy a mobile home, they are restricted to a single bedroom home, but that isn’t the option. Mobile homes are available in various sizes so that you can have as much or as little space as you want. There are single-wide, double-wide, and even triple-wide mobile homes available so that you can have four or even five bedrooms within your home if you need them.

Mobile Homes Are Easy to Upgrade

Once you become established and have more of a disposable income available, you can easily upgrade a mobile home. The floors can be replaced with hardwood flooring, the appliances can be upgraded, and you can even replace the siding to a more energy-efficient option without having to spend a ton of money out of pocket. This means that as your family’s needs change, your home can change too.

Can be Moved When Needed

If you have to relocate for your job, you need to be able to have somewhere to live. Many mobile homes are completely transportable so that you can move them from one place to another if needed. This allows you to be flexible with your lifestyle so that you can always live wherever you want to live. You will have to pay transportation fees to have the home moved, but they will cost far less than it would buy a new home in a different location.

Mobile Homes Are Easy to Sell

If you decide that you want to upgrade to a larger mobile home or simply want to purchase a stick-built house in the future, your mobile home will be easy to sell. Mobile homes are designed to last for quite a long time and still home much of their value. Many dealers will allow you to trade your home in for a newer model if you decide to upgrade to a newer model in the future. If you want to sell the home, you can sell it yourself online or through a real estate agent as soon as your home loan is paid in full.

It’s important to remember that you don’t want to start your life off deep in the throes of debt. Many people make the mistake of investing in a home that is beyond their budget and struggle for many years to try to stay afloat. Starting with a home that is within your budget or even under your budget can serve as a great way to get your financial footing to create the most stable life for you and your family as possible. A mobile home can be a great starter home for anyone who wants to own a home but doesn’t want to have to pay it off for twenty or thirty years down the road.

Reasons Why a Mobile Home is Great for Minimalists

Reasons Why a Mobile Home is Great for Minimalists

Many people become tired of having so many things to keep up with regularly. Minimalism is becoming increasingly popular across the world because people realize that they are more interested in having amazing experiences rather than a collection of things.

If you want to be able to pair down your belongings, moving into a smaller home may be a great option to consider. Mobile homes are available in a variety of sizes and styles to provide any minimalist with a chic place to live. The following guide walks you through a few of the many reasons why a mobile home is so great for the minimalist lifestyle.

Less Décor Required to Create a Stunning Look

When you live as a minimalist, the last thing you want is a lot of clutter in your home. In a mobile home, there is far less space to have to decorate than a traditional home. This means that you can create the chic look you want without having to spend a lot of money. Many minimalists tend to invest in décor that can serve multiple purposes so that they need fewer items in the house overall.

Less Area to Keep Clean

If you work a full-time job, you more than likely do not have a ton of free time readily available to you. The little bit of free time you do get shouldn’t be spent cleaning your home. A mobile home is much smaller than a traditional home and thus takes far less time to clean. Many people like the fact that many mobile homes have surfaces that are very easy to clean such as the walls. The walls in mobile homes are often made from VOG, vinyl over gypsum. It is a very smooth surface that’s simple to clean when needed.

Fewer Items to Maintain and Upkeep in the Home

Since a mobile home is so much smaller than a traditional home, it takes much less effort to upkeep. With less square footage, there is less piping and less electrical components throughout the house. If something does go wrong, it will be easier to find out what the issue is. You can gain access to much of the plumbing in the house by going underneath it if it’s not on a concrete foundation. This can make maintenance much easier.

Less Cost for a Home

When you buy a mobile home, you have the option to buy a new or used home. The great thing about mobile homes is that they cost far less than a traditional home. They can also be moved from one place to another if they aren’t on a solid foundation. This allows you to buy a home at a very affordable price and have it moved to any property you choose. You can purchase your piece of land or have it moved to a mobile home community.

Mobile home communities do charge a monthly fee to keep the house within the community, so be sure to take that into consideration before choosing a community to call home. If you want to save even more money on the overall purchase of the home, consider purchasing it in used condition. Used mobile homes will cost far less than new homes and are often available in great condition so that they will last for years to come. It can be a great way to get the most bang for your buck when buying a home.

Less Storage Space to Minimize Belongings

If you are starting in your journey to being a minimalist, it may be difficult to stay on track when it comes to accumulating items. If you live in a mobile home, it will be easier to stick with your path because there aren’t ample storage spaces available. Once your storage spaces are full, you won’t be able to keep buying things because you won’t have anywhere to store them.

Less Exterior to Maintain

Maintaining the exterior of your home is essential to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. The roof on a mobile home needs to be maintained, but it costs far less to make repairs on the smaller roof than it would a larger home. You also need to have the exterior of just about any home power washed from time to time. This minimizes the likelihood of damaging mildew from growing on the sides of the home. Power washing companies charge far less to power wash a mobile home than a traditional home.

Less Cost for Appliances

When you have less square footage available to you, it creates the ideal atmosphere to invest in smaller, less expensive appliances. There are washer and dryer combos that have both appliances built into one. They also have smaller dishwashers and microwaves available that can fit into a smaller home with ease. They are much less to purchase initially, which allows you to spend money elsewhere.

Less Stress Overall

Knowing that you don’t have a huge home to clean or a ton of money that you have to spend to own property can save you a lot of stress in the long run. Being able to minimize your stress is just as important as minimizing the number of items that you own. You want to be able to have overall peace, and starting with getting rid of things that make you feel overwhelmed is important.

It’s important to find out if transportation costs are included with the amount you are paying to purchase the mobile home. If you are buying the home in new condition, there is a good chance that transportation is included. You will only be able to have the home transported a certain number of miles without having to pay extra for transportation. If you are purchasing a used home, you will more than likely have to pay for the transportation on your own. It will still save you money overall in comparison to what you will pay for a traditional home.