Find Mobile Home Dealers

Are you trying to figure out where to find the best mobile homes? Some people don’t want to spend a lot of money on a huge house that has too much space. Why not invest in a mobile or modular home that can have all the features you’ve always coveted that can get shipped to the place you desire the most? Learn more about some top mobile home dealers in the US you might talk to for a home of your own.

Mobile Homes VS. Modular Homes

Before we delve into the top 7 mobile home dealers in the US, let’s review what mobile and modular homes are. Knowing the difference can save you money when you are looking for a new place of your own to purchase. You don’t want to buy something you don’t want later on unless you are thinking of selling.

As stated by the Commission on Affordable Housing and Health Facility Needs for Seniors in the 21st Century, a manufactured home is different from other types of housing since they build them according to the parameters in the HUD code, which is a national code that overrides all local and state codes. This means mobile homes have to be built in a particular way that makes it safe for buyers or renters to live in and use material during construction that’s more affordable.

Modular Homes

What makes modular homes different? According to the US Mobile Home Pros, they put together with modular homes on site of the property you want to live on, and it also becomes a permanent part of the real estate. This means you don’t have to live in a trailer park to get the home you wish. You can live on a small property near the lake or somewhere you can have privacy if you desire it.

They also don’t have to go by the HUD code. Therefore, modular homes can have more complex designs that cost more than mobile homes. If you want a small but beautiful home, then you should check out some modular designs made available at some of these mobile home dealers.

The Top 7 Mobile Home Dealers in the US

Are you saving your money up to buy a cozy mobile home that you’ve always wanted? There are some amazing mobile home dealers in the US you can look at. It will surprise you at how great they can make beautiful homes for you.

Cavco Homes

You might have heard of Cavco Homes before. It’s one of the most popular mobile home dealers in the US. As stated by US Mobile Home Pros, it not only makes their mobile homes for potential buyers but also park model RVs, modular homes, commercial buildings, and vacation cabins. They are known for being an MHI Manufacturer of the Year Award winner seven years in a row. However, they have various styles and sizes for you to choose from. For example, you can use them to help build that hotel you’ve always wanted or a small office for your new business.

Commodore Corporation

Have you ever heard of Commodore Corporation? It’s a popular manufacturer that you need to see for yourself. Mobile home dealers like the Commodore Corporation are great for those who can’t afford to create their own house but want to. According to the US Mobile Home Pros, they often have rather dull outside appearances, but the inside of the homes are rather modern and have gorgeous features. They allow buyers to customize parts of their soon-to-be home before they are constructed. This means you can alter different brand name appliances, colors, and other parts of the home to your personalized style.

Champion Home Builders

One of the most popular mobile home dealers is Champion Homes. According to US Mobile Home Pros, this manufacturer has 28 facilities open today with over 1,700,000 homes built. They also build modular homes, which can be right for those who want to make a lot more alterations to their new home since mobile homes are more limited following the HUD code. We know Champion Home Builders for their unique designs since they’ve won design awards from The Manufactured Housing Institute.

Clayton Homes

According to the US Mobile Home Pros, Clayton Homes has been around since 1956, and they’ve won the MHI’s Retailer of the Year Award 11 times. They also won the Outstanding Interior Design award in 2018. They have elegant and unique designs on the outside and inside of these manufactured homes, making mobile home dealers like this one an excellent place to purchase your next home. Clayton homes come with different styles for everyone as well since they have farmhouses and more modernized homes for you to choose from.

Palm Harbor Homes

Are you looking for a high energy-efficient home? Or one that will continue to save you money? As stated by US Mobile Home Pros, Palm Harbor Homes has several homes in its catalog that feature built-in energy-efficient and “greenhouse” homes. Palm Harbor Homes might be for you if you want to be more eco-friendly in your next home.

It’s also been around since 1977 and is one of the top manufacturers in the US. So, you know they have some great homes to choose from if they are still successful after all these years. They make modular and mobile homes, but they also offer land and park packages.


Are you looking for a modern and elegant home? Look no further than Silvercrest as your mobile home dealer. As reported by the US Mobile Home Pros, Silvercrest has exceptional interior and exterior designs available for people to buy manufactured or park model homes.

They have several gorgeous kitchen, living room, and bathroom designs to choose from that will have you wondering how you are getting such a great deal. Any guests you have over will be envious of a similar home of their own.


Are you looking for a simple home? You might check out some mobile home designs O’Hara has in their catalog. If you are into living in a small, chic home, this could be something you’d fall in love at first sight. According to the US Mobile Home Pros, this mobile home dealer only has homes smaller than 1,000 square foot or ones in the 1,000 to 1,200 square foot homes.

These are for people who wouldn’t mind living with little space. It makes up for it with simple but colorful and stylish designs that will have someone loving their new home.

Are you ready to find the home you’ve always wanted? Don’t wait to browse some manufactured homes that would be perfect for you and your family. You’ll never know if one of these homes from mobile home dealers are the right for you unless you look. Why not research today and see if you can find the place with the modern or chic feel you’ve always wanted?