Mobile Home Windows

The Ultimate Guide to Replacing Mobile Home Windows

Have you noticed that your mobile home has felt drafty and cold this winter, and have your power bills been on the rise? Do you ever look at the outside of your house and wish it looked a little brighter or newer? Have you noticed fog inside your window panes or damage on your window frames? 

If any of this sounds familiar, it may be time to replace your mobile home windows. Read on to learn what’s involved with this process and discover which windows are the right choice for you.

Benefits Of Replacing Mobile Home Windows

Before we dive into the details of how to replace mobile home windows, let’s talk some about the benefits of doing so. Old windows can be leaky and may not do a good job of keeping your home insulated during extreme weather. You’ll likely save a lot on your heating and cooling bills by replacing your old windows. 

Window replacement can also be a great way to breathe new life into your home. Worn-out windows with torn screens and beat-up frames can make your mobile home look dilapidated. New windows can make everything seem brighter and cleaner, both inside and out.

Signs You Need New Mobile Home Windows

So how do you know when it’s time to replace your mobile home windows? One of the first things you may notice is fog or condensation building up between the panes in your windows. This means that the seal on these panes has been broken and moisture (and heat) are leaking through.

You may also notice that your mobile home feels drafty, especially around the windows, and that your power bill is high. Aluminum window frames may begin to rust, wood frames might rot, swell, or crack, and your glass may become scratched or clouded. And, of course, if you still have single-pane windows, it’s a good idea to replace them no matter what sort of condition they’re in.

Types Of Windows 

There are a few different types of windows you can choose from for your mobile home replacement. Casement windows hinge open from the side, like a door, and can provide excellent ventilation for your home. You may also want to look at awning windows, which hinge from the top and swing open from the bottom. 

Hung windows slide up and down and may be either single-hung (with one fixed panel) or double-hung (with two panels that move independently). Sliding windows glide side to side on a track, much like a sliding glass door. Bay windows project out from the home in an arc, and fixed windows are simple panes of glass that offer tremendous views.

Window Materials

In addition to different mobile home window styles, you can also get window frames in different materials. Most of the time, in mobile homes, you’ll be able to pick between vinyl frames and aluminum frames.

Vinyl window frames are can be energy efficient, come in several color options, and can have a good lifespan. However, these frames are not as durable as aluminum and may become discolored or cracked over the years.

Aluminum window frames are a little more affordable than vinyl windows and are incredibly strong. Their main drawback is that they only come in one finish, and they don’t offer the best look for the outside of your home.

Picking The Right Type For You

So how do you decide which window type and material are going to be best for your mobile home? You need to start by taking a hard look at your budget and how many windows you have to replace. Your budget may make aluminum windows the best option, or you may be able to afford to upgrade to vinyl if you’re only replacing a few windows.

While budget is a factor in deciding what type of windows you want, there are a few other things to look at as well. If you’re considering casement or awning windows, check if there are any obstacles the window will run into when you open it. Also, think about how much ventilation you need and what’s going to be most accessible for you to use. 

Standard Window Sizes 

In general, mobile homes have different standard window sizes than fixed homes do. However, depending on how handy you are, you may be able to cut your mobile home to fit a standard fixed house window size. Since the walls are thinner and require less framing, it can be simpler to adjust these sizes. 

Mobile home windows come in one of three standard sizes: 30” by 60”, 36” by 60”, and 36” by 54”. You can also get custom-sized windows if you need or want alternate sizes in your home. You can even get windows in custom shapes, including round windows, octagon windows, and so on.

Learn More About Mobile Home Windows 

Replacing your mobile home windows can be a great way to breathe new life into your home. You can save money on your power bills, have a more comfortable home, and be proud of how your home looks inside and out. All you have to do is decide which size, type, and the frame material are right for your home.

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