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8 Features to Consider for Your Mobile Home

8 Features to Consider for Your Mobile Home
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A mobile home can be a great investment to make when you are first starting out as an adult. They are very affordable and can be customized to suit your needs. Many people make the mistake of assuming that the show homes they see on the dealer’s lots are the only options available to them. This isn’t the case, though. There are many different features that you can have added to your home to make it fit your style or work well for your family. The following guide provides insight about some features you may want to add to your mobile home before making a final purchase.

Upgrade the Insulation in the Home

Most mobile homes have thin exterior and interior walls. Thin walls allow air to escape, which can make it difficult to maintain a constant temperature within the house. This can create electrical costs that are higher than they need to be. You can upgrade the insulation within the home to make sure that it is more energy-efficient. Insulation can be added to the exterior walls, the interior walls, beneath the roofing on the home, and even under the flooring to ensure that insulation is as great as it can be.

A Pitched Roof Can Increase Resale Value

If you know that you want to sell the house in the future and that it isn’t your forever home, you need to choose upgrades that are going to make it easier to sell later on down the road. A pitched roof is an affordable change you can make to the home that adds more curb appeal to it. Many mobile homes have flat roofs that can make the house look unfinished. A pitched roof makes the home look more like a stick-built home and can provide additional storage space, at the same time.

Hardwood Floors Add Character to the Home

You can have the flooring in the home upgraded to hardwood floors. Most homes come with carpeting in them because it is the cheapest flooring option available. The carpeting will become dirty over time and having to place it when you are ready to sell the house could be a hassle. Hardwood flooring can stand up to a lot of wear and tear and is very easy to clean so that you can rest assured it will look great for years to come

Add Sheetrock to the Walls

The vinyl on gypsum walls that are in most mobile homes can look a bit unsightly. They often have a textured feel to them, as well. Many mobile home purchasers choose to upgrade the walls in the home to sheetrock. The sheetrock creates a finished look and can diminish the noise that travels throughout the house. Sheetrocked walls can also easily be painted so that you can customize the house any way you choose in the future.

Upgraded Cabinetry Makes a Home Far More Valuable

The kitchen is the place where most people congregate in a home. Having a great kitchen can make your home feel warm and inviting while also creating a great place to create amazing meals for your family to enjoy. The cabinetry that comes with mobile homes traditionally is often very thin and lightweight. It doesn’t have much carpentry details added to it to give it character. Upgrading the cabinetry to higher-end options allows you to create a very sophisticated look in the kitchen. You can choose the layout for the cabinetry, the style you want to use, and even the color of the cabinets so that you can create your dream kitchen from the start. A finished kitchen with ornate cabinetry will make a home more valuable when you want to sell it, too.

Insulated Skirting Could Save You from Costly Repairs

Mobile homes typically do not have a lot of insulation beneath them. An insulated skirt can be a great investment to make because it not only keeps critters from taking up residency under the home but also keeps the space warmer during the cold winter. This helps to keep pipes from accidentally freezing when the temperature drops, while also creating a finished look to the home because it appears as though it is on a foundation. The skirting will add curb appeal to the home, which also boosts the ease of selling the house when you’re ready to sell it.

Engineered Wood Siding Looks Great and Helps with Insulation

Vinyl siding is often found on the exterior of mobile homes. It can deteriorate over time and leave you with an eyesore when people come to buy your home. Engineered wood siding is a great upgrade to consider for your mobile home because it has the look of wood siding without the high cost or difficult upkeep. The exterior of your home will be protected from the elements, look great, and stand the test of time with the engineered wood siding on it. The siding is available in a variety of colors so that you can create the exact look you want. You don’t have to worry about painting the siding later because it is designed to keep its color and just need to be pressured washed from time to time to knock any dirt or dust-free.

Being able to purchase a house that you know will still have a lot of value in a few years isn’t always easy to do. A mobile home that has a few of the upgraded options in it will be easier to sell and stand up to the wear and tear that you put it through for the years you live in it.

Most of the upgrades are very affordable, and some mobile home dealers even provide a discount if you choose more than one upgrade to make to the house. Once the house is built, it can be delivered to your property, and it will be ready for you to move in within a very short period of time. When you are ready to sell it, you’ll be able to walk away knowing that you were able to live comfortably and still get back some of the money you invested in the house with ease.

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