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7 Things to Consider When Looking for Mobile Homes for Sale

Are you ready to live big for less?

If so, it’s time to add mobile homes to your real estate search. Modern models are spacious, well-appointed, and available at a competitive price point. 

As you think about finding a place of your own, you naturally want to make sure the property you choose meets all of your criteria. Today, we’re sharing seven of the most important things to consider as you browse mobile homes for sale in your area!

1. Buying vs. Renting Your Home

One of the first things to think about is whether you want to buy a new mobile home outright or rent it through a property management company. 

There are pros and cons to each option and the decision is ultimately a personal one. A few of the top reasons to buy versus rent include:

  • The ability to make the space your own
  • The ability to perform your own landscaping
  • The ability to build equity
  • A greater sense of ownership 
  • A lower mortgage than a stick-built house

If you only plan to stay in your local area for a short while, then renting might be a better option. Another benefit of renting is that a maintenance team will usually take care of any necessary repairs.

While homeownership is usually a smart move, it does mean that you’re responsible for maintaining the interior and exterior of your home, which can be a major task. 

2. Buying vs. Leasing Land

Next, consider if you want to buy or lease the lot that your mobile home sits on.

If you want to live in a community setting, such as a mobile home park, then you will usually rent the lot from the park management company. However, some parks will allow residents to buy their lot, especially if they plan to put down roots there full-time. 

If you buy your home but rent the land underneath it, this arrangement is known as a land lease. In many cases, a land lease is the most economical route to go, especially if you’re on a budget. In addition, lot repair, maintenance, and landscaping services may also be included if you rent. 

3. Basic Layout

As you begin to tour different mobile homes for rent or sale, take a look at the different layout options that are available. Most communities and parks will have one model home that you can tour to get a feel for the setup. 

Before you visit, take the time to decide what your non-negotiables will be. These are items and features that you absolutely require, such as:

  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Space for a home office
  • Pet-friendly accommodations 
  • Open versus segmented floor plan
  • Handicap accessibility
  • Laundry hookup and laundry room

The list of must-haves will vary from one person to the next. At the very minimum, however, the mobile home you choose should be able to accommodate your needs. 

4. Extra Amenities

Once you have your crucial requirements covered, it’s time to have a little fun! Next, think about all of the extras and special features that you’d like your home to have, if possible. 

If the home in question doesn’t have these touches, it’s not usually a deal-breaker. These might include:

  • High-end fixtures
  • Spacious lot
  • Manicured landscaping
  • Access to recreational events
  • Access to shared community facilities (e.g., gym, tennis courts, pool)

Think about how flexible you are on these features. If you’re willing to give up a mobile home if it doesn’t include something, add it to your list of non-negotiables. 

5. Location

Any time you invest in real estate, you want to make sure the location is right. This applies to any type of property, including a mobile home. 

Do you need to be within a certain distance of your work? If you have children, have you thought about the local school system? How does it stack up, and how far would your commute be? 

You’ll often hear real estate agents and mobile home dealers repeat the phrase “location, location, location” when sharing a new listing. This is because you can change many of the aesthetic elements of a home, but you can’t relocate it on a whim.

Before you put down roots, make sure it’s in a place you truly want to be. 

6. HOA

HOA stands for homeowners association. In many communities, this group exists to help maintain order and appearance. An HOA creates rules and regulations that residents must follow. 

If you purchase a mobile home in a park that has an HOA, you may be required to pay a separate HOA fee in addition to your rent each month. While an HOA can be a beneficial service, that extra cost might be difficult to cover. 

Neighborhoods that don’t have HOA oversight may not be as orderly, but they could be more affordable. This is one requirement you’ll need to look into and assess before moving forward. 

7. Security and Privacy

While you look for a mobile home for sale, be sure to ask about the community’s safety and security protocols.

Is there a gate that only allows authorized residents to enter? What about an on-site security guard or high-tech surveillance system?

Along the same lines, remember to take a tour of the property so you can gauge how private each lot is. Some mobile homes feature partially wooded lots so you can enjoy your solitude, but others are wide open. 

Find the Best Mobile Homes for Sale

If you’re ready to move into a new property, we recommend starting with mobile homes. Not only are they usually more affordable than stick-built models, but they’re also convenient and amenity-rich, and give you an instant sense of community. 

Keep these seven considerations in mind as you begin your hunt. The right home is out there, just waiting for you to move in!

When you’re ready to start your search, start with us. You can find mobile homes for sale by state, along with lots of helpful tips and advice!

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