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What to Look For in a New Manufactured Home

There were almost 100,000 new manufactured home units built in 2020. This goes to show that they are not in a fading market and that people are still raring for the newest units that they can get their hands on. So, if that sounds like you, do you know what you should be looking for when buying a new home?

Below, we list some of the major things that you should think about when buying a mobile home. By the end of the piece, you should have a good idea of what you will need to check when buying both the home and the land that it sits on. So, read on and get a leg up in your next buy.

The Type You Want

You will first want to think about which type of manufactured home you want to buy. There are a few main types that you should know about before you start shopping around. These are “Singles”, “Doubles”, and “Triples”.


These are long units that people transport and placed as a whole item. They contain everything that you need to live in them and are otherwise self-contained.


Doubles exist in many sections, allowing someone to transport them piece by piece. They are, as the name suggests, in two parts and as such often twice the size of a single.


These continue the pattern from singles and doubles. By buying a triple, you will have a large multi-part home. They do not need to line up as a rectangle or square, and you can create many different shapes with these units to reflect the space that you have.

Common Areas and Facilities

When buying a mobile home in a new build, you will want to look into what facilities exist nearby. Some have local common-use green areas, dog parks, swimming pools, or other communal facilities.

These can make or break any location and turn them from a swathe of identical buildings into a connected community of people who care about the area.

Good Location

When you buy a unit, you will want to look into the surrounding area. First of all, you should check how far away the home is from any of the locations you will want to use regularly. These may include your workplace, any shopping locations, or even a school if you have or plan to have children.

You can also check local crime maps to see if there are larger problems around you. By determining if many crimes occur in your area, or if there are local police departments nearby, you can find if you live in a place that feels safe enough for you.

Security of the Location

It is important to know not only if there is much crime, but also if the location is secure to the outside. If you are buying a new build in a gated community, you can expect fewer problems from visitors. If there is gated security, that multiplies many times as they will be on-call to deal with any issues that might crop up.

Connectivity of Utilities and Internet

If living in a mobile home park, you should check to see how well-connected all the facilities on the location are. You should have good access to water and electricity, if not more.

On top of that, to get the most out of a location in the modern world, you will need high-quality Internet. You cannot always guarantee that this will be wired, and instead, a local wide-area network might provide WiFi. Although this might not be a problem, depending on your use of the utility.

Air Conditioning

If you live in a warm location, trailer park living demands that you investigate and see whether you are buying a trailer with air conditioning or not. If you are not, you should seek out the options that you have for installing it. The last thing that you want is a manufactured home without cooling on a hot day.

Your best option would be to find a manufactured home with air conditioning or climate control installed. This will be bespoke for that specific build, making it the best choice for what you are buying. Although it might cost a little extra if it goes wrong, it will work the best while it does.

Exterior Options

You should investigate the options that you have to customize your home. Fortunately, living in a trailer means that there are often specially-made additions that you can add to the home itself.

Before you invest in such changes, you should check with your local community or homeowners association. They may have rules on what you can add to your home or how it should occur.

Such options might include:


The manufactured home might come in a range of different colors that you can choose. While most people will opt for white or a color that matches their neighbors, this is not always the case.


If you want a unique exterior, you might want to look into the design of the side of the home. The classic option is often lap siding, providing a wood veneer to the build, although other options are available.


If you want a unique roof, different dormers will also allow you to create a characterful silhouette for your home. You can also aim for taller roof pitches or hipped roofs, as the options are almost endless on what you can do with your home.

Doors and Windows

These are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and locking options. This is important for both aesthetic as well as security, so take your time on these.

Find a New Manufactured Home

You should now have a much better idea of what to pay attention to when buying a new manufactured home. If you still have questions, though, we are happy to help you on your journey.

Our listings can help you find a way to start living in a mobile home and determine what you will need to think about to move in that direction. So, check out what we offer today and you will find everything that you need there to get started.

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